Are nuclear weapons strategically obsolete

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Cuban Missile Crisis

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How the East can save the West

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United States Navy

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They are a weapon that is never intended to be used. The possession of nuclear weapons is more about national pride, technical capability demonstration and deterrence against aggression, conventional or nuclear. To finish off, I would reassert that nuclear weapons have become strategically obsolete despite the few instances of use of nuclear weapons by some nations.

In addition, the international community has also joined hands in ensuring that nuclear weapons become strategically obsolete through the imposition of tough laws against countries that.

Still, none of that explain why the leaders of the Empire have decided to engage in a desperate game of “nuclear chicken” to try to, yet again, force Russia to comply with its demands to “go away and shut up”. Are Nuclear Weapons Strategically Obsolete?

Why or Why not?

Weapons Inspector Refutes U.S. Syria Chemical Claims

The ongoing debate of whether or not nuclear weapons are obsolete or not is a very complex one. Jan 29,  · Nuclear weapons have proved to be strategically obsolete in a number of ways since the end of the Cold War.

They have failed to deter attacks on nuclear states, and are unusable against the contemporary threat of terrorism. Humans have used weapons in warfare, hunting, self-defense, law enforcement, and criminal activity for thousands of years. Weapons also serve many other purposes in society including use in sports, collections for display, and historical displays and demonstrations.

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