Csr in banking sector of bd

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BEXIMCO was founded in the 's by two brothers – Ahmed Sohail Fasiur Rahman and Salman Fazlur Rahman. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh: A Case Study on AB Bank Limited By Jhumur Deb Roy & Md.

Abdul Latif Mahmud. World University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Abstract- The aim of our article is to scrutinize the practices of corporate social responsibility. References to any specific securities do not constitute an offer to buy or sell securities.

But 26 banks fail to spend 30pc of expenditure in educational sector

Those awarded funds based upon the past performance cannot guarantee their future performance. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Opportunities and Challenges of Banking Sector in Bangladesh Masud Rana Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Studies, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Pabna, Bangladesh.


Agrani Bank Limited (ABL) is the largest government commercial bank in Bangladesh addresses social concerns that threaten the structure of society and redress social conditions that adversely affect the well-being of people and society of Bangladesh.

Banking industry in Bangladesh is now a day very prospective and competitive. To give a competitive edge, CSR is a very strong and helpful tool.

Indicative guidelines for CSR expenditure allocation and end use oversight Mainstreaming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in banks and financial institutions .

Csr in banking sector of bd
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