Is golf a sport

Is Golf a Sport? Seriously.

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Why golf absolutely is a sport: Nine legitimate reasons

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Datenschutz & Cookies. Wir verwenden auf dieser Webseite Cookies und ähnliche Technologien, um unser Angebot nutzungsfreundlicher für Sie zu gestalten. Golf is a club-and-ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible.

Golf, unlike most ball games, cannot and does not utilize a standardized playing area, and coping with the varied terrains encountered on different courses is a key part of the game at the usual level.

Cambridge English Dictionary defines a sport as a game, competition, or similar activity, done for enjoyment or as a job, that takes physical effort and skill and is played or done by following particular rules.

This definition defines Golf. Golf has always been believed to be a sport. Proponents say that golf meets the definition of "sport" found in the dictionary, requires physical exertion and coordination, and is recognized as a sport by sporting goods companies, athletic associations, fans, the media, and more.

Find all the latest real-time sports coverage, live reports, analysis and comment on Telegraph Sport. News, fixtures, scores and video. Golf (uitgesproken als [ɡɒlf]?) is een balspel waarbij een kleine, harde bal met een golfclub van de tee (afslagplaats) weggeslagen wordt in de richting van een met een vlag gemarkeerd punt (de hole).Het doel is om de bal in zo min mogelijk slagen in de hole te doen belanden.

Golf wordt gespeeld op een golfbaan.

Is golf a sport
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